We sent documentary, travel and portrait photographer, Isabel Wanjui better known as Nimu on her website and Instagram, to hang out with Mama Rocks, makers of the best gourmet burgers in town. The result was simply delicious!

The air was filled with aromas of melted cheese, grilled meat, fried potatoes, toasted buns, pineapples and freshly prepared coffee. The Mama Rocks food truck was a picture of efficiency. They have a systematic way of doing things with orders written on the board (so that they were easy to remember) and everyone helping out in making the meals.

They were always on their toes. Nothing ran out. They worked as a team, supporting one another and somehow—despite the workload—were very warm, friendly and hospitable towards not only customers, but everyone who visited their truck.

I was mostly impressed
by their cleanliness in handling the food, and how quick they were in their service. The customers I spoke to were full of praises. The first, a vegan, was back to have his third Veggie burger because “each time was like a new experience.”

Two friends tried the Mango Masai and Fela Supafly burgers for the first time, requesting Mama Rocks to cut each into two so that they could have a taste of the other. They ended up going for seconds. That's how delicious the burgers were!

I had the Mchuzi burger. On the first bite I was left speechless because of how finger-licking-good it was. It was packed with tonnes of flavors. I could taste mayonnaise, halloumi cheese, beef bacon, beef patty with barbecue sauce, fresh lettuce and a slice of pineapple. Definitely the best burger I have had in Nairobi.