One of your favourite shutterbugs, Lyra (who previous shot Lyra x Faces of B&W) went ice cream tasting at Need Gelato. Capturing samples from 20 scrumptious flavours, Lyra's photo series “portrays the true joy that pursuing your passion brings”. Not only was Lyra inspired by Need Gelato co-owner, Neeral but also by the customers that day.

The hangout took place at the Kidawa Organic Market at the Village Market. Neeral and her mother had a small stand where they served fresh home-made Italian gelato to very excited customers.

The atmosphere at the Village market was vibrant as always, hosting all walks of life and seeing that it was a Saturday a number of families had come out to enjoy the sun, delicious food and entertaining live music at the food court.

I had never tasted Need Gelato ice cream prior to our hangout and I was very surprised by the fact that Neeral makes it all in her home. Her dedication to her craft was very obvious to me the second I took that first bite. I felt as if I had never had ice cream before. It was very delicious and also had the right texture as opposed to most commercial ice cream brands in the market.