Ever wonder what your favourite fashion designer is curling up on the sofa to watch? We asked Own Your Culture Founder, Chep to list her top five films and her selections are great for these dreary Nairobi nights.

I love films, and I especially love ones with stylish and power women. In fact my criteria for whether, I will watch a film, is based on the stylishness of the characters. While this year I have slacked on catching up with the latest films, I have a couple of favorites that I re-watch severally.

Mademoiselle C.
This documentary on Vogue France editor-in-chief focuses on her life, fashion inspiration and career. It gives a behind-the-scenes look at how she launched her new magazine in America. She’s a great visionary and trend setter. I watched this film when I was just setting up my own business and it provided great inspiration especially her sense of belief and passion for her new magazine despite opposition from others. My life goals are all in this documentary.

I am a strong believer in human potential. It continually amazes me what humans have achieved and can achieve. I think we are limitless and powerful. While this movie may be fictional, it constantly reminds me of how powerful each of us is. How we can just about achieve anything we set our minds to.

Half of a Yellow Sun
I love this film because it was based on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book of the same title.  I had a stylish cast and was African culture beautified.

Sex And The City
Growing up, I lived and breathed all what Carrie Bradshaw thought, wore and said. I saw myself in her, a writer and fashion lover to the core. She was everything. I grew up absorbing Shout and Cool magazines, and I began discovering other “big girl” magazines such as 17 where SATC was always the talk. I stayed up late one night to catch watch one series and I swore myself to fashion forever.

Nairobi Half Life
I have watched this almost five times! I love that's it's so realistic, and so close to home. I loved the acting, the storyline, while there was not much fashion to speak of, I loved the storyline how it’s relatable.  This is by far one of the coolest movies I have seen.