Not only are Chefs Andrew “Dutch” Wainaina and Benjamin Nyaga great cooks but they’re also quite goofy. According to food photographer J.Mwai—who we sent to spend a day with the pair—these lifelong friends are constantly cracking jokes (and eggs) and creating a fun working environment in their black Kula Kraft food truck.

We started off at the market where the chefs were keen on buying the freshest herbs for their recipes. When they buy meat for their wraps, they always go for the freshest cut no matter how expensive it may be. Good quality is always key for them. I got some tips on how to cut up chicken before cooking it. And, Chef Ben taught me how to make his signature chapatis and they’re so delicious. I got to try out their chapati chicken wrap. It was so delicious. The chicken strips in it were rich in flavor. The lettuce went well with the chicken and added the perfect crunch to the wrap.