2016 “Common Ground” was the first collaboration between Daniel Lemma and Hot This Year Band – the latter a backing band consisting of some of Scandinavia’s foremost reggae musicians and producers.

First single “Mr. Hibbert” has been hot on the radio during the spring and summer, and the full-length album was warmly received when it was released in late April. Common Ground is Daniel lemmas seventh studio album, and it has been described as a tribute to reggae’s ‘classic’ 70s era. Patrik “Partillo” Alexandersson (Kapten röd, Etzia, Syster Sol, Norris Man, etc.) have produced, and the result is a collection of songs by classic, timeless cuts: soulful roots reggae simply.


Listen to their music: https://soundcloud.com/partillo-productions/sets/daniel-lemma-hot-this-year-band-mr-hibbert-single